Visit to Mindo

A few weeks ago we visited a town called Mindo. While we were there we visited a chocolate making shop called Yumbos. They showed us how to make chocolate from the cocoa pods. The beans were all laid out to dry and we helped to spread them around. It smelled really good there.

After they showed us how to make chocolate we got to taste some! We had brownies, hot chocolate and fruit. This was my favorite part!

The next day we went on a hike to a waterfall. Before we could start the hike we had to ride a cable car across the river valley. We were very high up and we went really fast. After the hike was over I got a cold slushie that was Oreo flavor.

Alora’s fun day

This morning we went to get bread at the bakery. My favorite is bread filled with cheese. In spanish we call it pan de queso. After the bakery we went to find a new park.

This park had tunnels to crawl through and tube slides. It also had a 2 seater see-saw that my dad and brothers used. There was also a pretend truck and I was usually the driver.

After the park we went home for the afternoon. Later when it was dark we went to a concert. To celebrate the last day of school, the kids from the high school played music in the square. I danced with my sister Kate, and my friend Hazel.

It was a fun day!

Alora goes to the circus!

“All children, $1!” & playing “Baby Shark”

Last week we were walking through town when we heard loud music and an announcement that the circus was in town! We decided to go to the circus on Monday night. Before we went I made a note and picture for the performers.

On Monday night we went to the circus tent and bought tickets through a tiny hole in the tent. We bought popcorn and orange Fanta. I was really excited when I was walking to my seat. The lights turned and music started and the show began! We saw dancers, clowns, tight rope walkers, knife throwers, stunt people, motor cycle riders, acrobats, puppets and other acts. Take a look at my pictures and video.

Alora’s first post

Hello cousins, I’m having a fun time in Ecuador and I miss you! I eat a lot of rice and eggs. I like to go to the bakeries to get doughnuts. I really like our garden because we have a little playground. We walk to most places because everything is close by and we get good exercise (and it doesn’t hurt the earth.)

Today at church I went to class and there were more kids than in my church at home. The lessons were in Spanish so I didn’t understand everything, but the children were nice to me.

This is when I’m on the airplane!
Making lunch after church. We eat a lot of avocados from trees in the garden.