Cascada Taxopamba

Yesterday we hiked a waterfall called Taxopamba. I didn’t think it would be much fun, but when we got down towards the river I saw a beautiful ravine. The beginning of the trail was steep and smooth which made it slippery, but for the rest of the hike, it was flattish and wet in some places.


The surroundings varied between farmed hills and forested mountains. The trail was mostly dirt and rock. Next, we went through the rolling hills with farms. The majority of the farms were cow farms. The forest is where the waterfall was.


When we finally got to the waterfall we saw a small clear pool at the bottom. There was some pollution like fruits, nuts, and berries thrown by people into the water that made the area a bit untidy. We even saw a pair of underwear! The water was super clear so you could see to the bottom. The waterfall was two levels which was cool!

Snack Time!

For snack time we had some mandarin oranges, tiny bananas, pears, peanuts, and cheese bread. My favorite part of snack was the pears — they were the best pears that I have ever had. They were juicy and not too soft, but not too hard like an apple. The cheese bread was my least favorite part — it had too little cheese and too much bread.

We ate bananas, pears, and oranges. The bananas were short, maybe only 3 or 4 inches long.

The Dogs

There were two dogs that guided us from the start to the finish. They stayed with us and didn’t leave us till we left. One we called Waddles, we thought it looked like a pig body. We call that breed a “pig-dog”.

Waddles – pig dog – left
Goldy – right
I didn’t come up with the second name

So the dogs would walk ahead and do a lookout kind of thing. One time Neal was hiding totally out of site, but Waddles sensed him and stopped to warn us about Neal. Goldy would hang out with Grant while Waddles hung out with me.

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