Musical Capital of Ecuador

So, the weekend after the fourth of July, Cotacachi had some huge parties & by parties I mean concerts. We have since learned Cotacachi is known & celebrated as the music captial of the north. I inquired about the musical capital of the south & learned there isn’t one = Cotacachi is just the musical capital. There are several sections of the local museum dedicated to music history & performers, composers & several dedicated practice rooms for current musicians. I thought that was pretty neat.

You’ve seen Alora & Kate dancing with friends at the Friday night concert (7/5) hosted by Youth for Peace (Jovenes por la PAZ). You can imagine my surprise when the 1st group got started at about 6:45pm, for their 5 o’clock performance (patience comes in handy around here sometimes 😉) & started rapping, in Spanish of course. It was so unexpected I just started laughing, don’t worry no one really noticed.

Hmmm, let’s see if I can find the clip.

The girls definitely loved the music.

July 6th Cotacachi celebrates becoming an official town of Ecuador (Cantonization).There were several concerts that day. Our friends were performing in Jovenes Indígenas. Their group, Tabikuna (“The Tabi’s” in Quichua), includes the boys’ YM’s President & Bishop, which I just think is extra cool. There are 7 of them in the group, all brothers! (Oh, that poor Mama! : D)

Here’s a quick clip.

We found their YouTube channel Juyanis (Quichua for “Love”). They play indigenous music of Ecuador, which we have really enjoyed!

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