Spanish Camp

Last week we went to summer camp for Spanish. There was not only Spanish immersion but sign langue immersion and English immersion. We had a recess every 2 hours it was really fun and we did lots of projects.

The camp was located about 7 blocks away and lasted six hours. The classroom was small compared to other classrooms in America. There where seventeen to twenty kids because three of them where in sign language for the first half.

On the first day we worked on responses to, ‘┬┐Como Estas?’ (how are you) and made fake passports to ‘visit’ other countries. On the second day, we thought of things you find on the beach and then drew them and tried to figure out how to say them in Spanish. We also used our passports to visit Argentina and Mexico; meaning we researched about them.

On the third day we went to Spain with out our passports. On the last day, Thursday, we made lamp shades and sombreros.

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