Workin’ On The Farm

Today Mom, Grant, Jared, Justin (a friend of ours from church) and I went to the Bishop’s Grandmother’s farm. There were seven other people there, they were sisters from the church. They speak Quichua so we didn’t understand them. When we needed directions they spoke to Mom in Spanish.
We harvested corn and beans. The beans were growing up the corn stocks. The corn was very small and sometimes you couldn’t tell if there was corn or not on the stalk. The beans blended in with the rest of the corn stocks. There were usually between 2-20 beans on a corn stock.

There were flowers that had seeds that would stick to you and they were everywhere. They stuck to everything. At the end, the seeds were all over us and it took a long time to take them off. There were lots of bugs that sometimes jumped out at you when you were harvesting the corn. For lunch they offered beans and rice. Only Mom took some and she said they were delicious. Several people scooped rice and beans into their hand to eat. While the others shared several spoons.

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